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Create an Account

Before you can begin using the rentweb system, you will need to create an account. Visit the account creation terminal in-world at Vicina <93,132,31>. Touch the terminal and you will be given the option to create an account or reset the password on an existing account. If you ever lose the password to your account you can reset it to regain access. Since you want to create a new account, choose that option. The terminal will assign you a user name and password. Your user name will be your avatar first and last names joined with an underscore. Your user name and password will be given to you in both a dialog box and in your chat history so you can cut and paste them into the Rentweb site to login. After you login, you can change your Rentweb password at anytime using the link under my account.

While you are visiting the account creation terminal, you should pickup the box labeled Rentweb tools. This box contains all the objects you need to begin using the system.