Quick Start

This quick start guide will walk you through the basic process of setting up and using the Rentweb system. You can find more detailed information about the workings of the system in the Howto article.

1.) Create an account.

Create an account at the account terminal.

Visit the account creation terminal in-world at Vicina <93,132,31>. Touch the terminal and you will be given the option to create an account or reset the password on an existing account. Since you want to create a new account, choose that option. The terminal will assign you a user name and password. Your user name will be your avatar first and last names joined with an underscore. Your user name and password will be given to you in both a dialog box and in your chat history so you can cut and paste them into the Rentweb site to login. After you login, you can change your Rentweb password at anytime using the link under my account.

2.) Get your toolbox.

While you are visiting the account creation terminal, you should pickup the box labeled Rentweb tools. This box contains all the objects you need to begin using the system.

3.) Login to the website.

You can now login to the Rentweb site. You should change your password to something you can easily remember.

Change your password.

4.) Find a parcel to use as a testing ground so you can try out the system.

To familiarize yourself with the system, you can rent a test parcel to yourself. Since this is just a test, any parcel will do. It is not necessary that you intend to actually rent the parcel out. You do not even need to own the parcel for the purposes of this test. Just find an area where you can rez objects, and remember to clean up when you are done.

5.) Open your Rentweb toolbox and rez a copy of the 'Rentweb Sensor (payment mode)' on the parcel.

Rentweb Toolbox.

The sensor objects are used by the system to determine when one of your parcels has rented. The payment mode sensor waits for an avatar to come along and pay to initiate a lease, but it needs to be activated first.

6.) Touch the newly rezzed sensor to begin the activation process.

7.) Select 'Create' from the dialog box that is offered.

The sensor will prompt you with a dialog box to create a new parcel int the database or select an existing parcel. If you have created a new account you have no existing parcels in the database. Select create. The sensor will determine as much information as it can about the parcel it is sitting on. This includes the parcel name, description, area, supported prims, and rating (mature or PG). It will then ask you to confirm these details and add the parcel to the database.

8.) Confirm that you wish to add the parcel to the database.

When you select confirm, the sensor will contact the database and add an entry for the parcel. The sensor will then begin advertising the parcel as available with a floating text message. If anyone pays the sensor the appropriate rent, it will create a lease for them, and they will be renting land from you. The amount of rent the sensor requires is a default value, right now. You will learn how to easily change it in just a few more steps.

9.) Visit the newly created parcel page on the Rentweb site.

Now that you have logged into Rentweb and added a parcel to the database, you can view and change the parcel information from the website. If you are logged in, the parcels page (always available in the menu at the top of the page) will give you a list of all of your parcels. Since you just added a parcel, you will see it listed there.

10.) Edit the parcel information.

Click on the '(edit)' link to the left of the parcel you added to the database. You will be presented with a form that can be used to update information about the parcel. The third setting under 'Default settings when creating lease for this parcel:' is 'Default increment'. This setting controls for how long the parcel initial leases. Changing it to a different value and save the parcel information. In a couple of minutes, you will see the floating text above your payment sensor change to reflect the value you just entered, automagically! If you are impatient, you can reset the sensor to make it update immediately.

Try changing the 'Rental Rate' setting. You can input values in terms of Linden Dollars per square meter per week, per whole sim per week or for the parcel per week by changing the select box to the right of the value. When you save your changes, the sensor message will again update to reflect the new value after a few minutes.

You can customize the message displayed by the payment sensor by entering a template into the text box labeled 'Payment sensor message'. Use the '(show current)' link to see the message the sensor will display and to get more information about how to create a template.

Since this is just a test parcel, you should play around with different settings to get a feel for the system. You can always delete the parcel entry and create a new one as you did previously.

11.) Reset the sensor to see how it remembers the settings you have made.

The UUID of each sensor is stored in the database so that if a sensor is reset, the sensor is automatically reassociated with the proper parcel entry in the database.

12.) Pay the sensor to lease the parcel to yourself.

When the payment mode sensor is paid, it will add a lease to the database for the avatar that made the payment. The parcel will no longer be marked as vacant. The initial term of the lease is controlled by the parcel's 'Default increment' setting at the time the lease is created. There is no fee assessed on this initial payment.

If you pay the sensor yourself, the system will create a lease in your name. The new lease will appear on the leases page. Like the parcels page, you can select the (edit) link to the left of a listing to see or change the details.

13.) Rez and enable intial lease notifier.

Run now. Receive notification. Notecard. More examples.

14.) Rez other 2 notifiers.

15.) use adjust time to make lease expire

Receive warnings and expirations.

16.) Rez payment terminal.

Walk through functions of payment terminal. Pay lease to yourself. No fee on payments to self.

17.) Delete lease.